There are a few main areas of the bathroom that inevitably need to be checked out over the years, whether for a home renovation or repair. Here’s our bathroom safety list that will help keep your running smoothly.   Tiles: Over time, tiles might crack, become scratched or come loose from their seal. Fast response
Being one of the smallest rooms in the house, adding a fresh coat of paint to your Bathroom won’t cost a fortune and can create a whole new look in a short space of time. Just because the area that needs painting is small, doesn’t mean you should scrimp on quality so make sure you
Think of renovating your bathroom and a number of headaches suddenly appear. Yes, choosing tiles, tapware, towel rails and storage options are time consuming. Finding and organising reliable tradespeople to complete the various tasks of your renovation is, well, mind blowing. The problem with hiring different trades from different companies are varied. They will create