There are a few main areas of the bathroom that inevitably need to be checked out over the years, whether for a home renovation or repair. Here’s our bathroom safety list that will help keep your running smoothly.   Tiles: Over time, tiles might crack, become scratched or come loose from their seal. Fast response

Is this is load of rot?

With Winter behind us – all thoughts turn to the sunny outdoors. This includes relaxing and completing those “I’ll get to it sometime” projects. As the old saying goes – prevention is better than cure – so we recommend you take a look at your window frames. Now. Press against the wood – is it

Going Down?

How did you survive the recent heavy winds that swept across Melbourne? As we type, almost 5 days after the event, power is STILL being restored to some Melbourne houses.   The main cause of power loss and how to avoid it.   Simple. The cause – Fallen trees.   You can EASILY remove the
With footy finals on their way, couch time in front of the television is set to increase. But what if you pressed the button on your remote, and things started to go wrong – for your TV, not your team? Could the recent stormy weather have dislodged your antenna? Are you experiencing scenes of pixellation

General Home Maintenance Tips

Buying a home is usually the largest investment you’ll ever make. Protecting that investment is common sense and can help you build on the original value. Making sure you keep what you do have in tip-top condition is the best way to ensure your property’s value stays on the climb, rather than down the drain!
Recent heavy rains may have resulted in water damage to your home – even if you don’t see any evidence [yet]. There may be leaks you cannot see [inside your roof, inside walls] where damage may be building. The good news is, we can remove the element of doubt or if there is damage fix