There are a few main areas of the bathroom that inevitably need to be checked out over the years, whether for a home renovation or repair. Here’s our bathroom safety list that will help keep your running smoothly.   Tiles: Over time, tiles might crack, become scratched or come loose from their seal. Fast response
It’s the festive season! And houses all around are decorating themselves in colourful lights. They make quite a statement outside. But here’s an easy way to make a statement, all year, indoors! Bright light outside = great! Indoors = buzz kill! With these lovely, long late Summer evenings, it’s nice to have the house opened
It’s not unusual for us to receive requests to paint homes. What is unusual is when we’re asked to quote on painting a home – that has only recently been painted. Sometimes, the new paint job has started peeling after only a few months of application. If one quote for painting the interior or exterior
It’s the peak house selling time – and we work with a lot of property owners to get their house looking and working at its best! We’re called to fix a range of issues and almost all of these homeowners “we’ve put up with that sticking door for years, and now we’re moving, we’re having
Some of the most popular entertainment offerings on the small screen today are renovation shows. And why not. We all love to see the results – and the drama’s that always appear to occur during the renno. For someone in the business of supplying tradies to help with almost every aspect of home renovation and
Being one of the smallest rooms in the house, adding a fresh coat of paint to your Bathroom won’t cost a fortune and can create a whole new look in a short space of time. Just because the area that needs painting is small, doesn’t mean you should scrimp on quality so make sure you

General Home Maintenance Tips

Buying a home is usually the largest investment you’ll ever make. Protecting that investment is common sense and can help you build on the original value. Making sure you keep what you do have in tip-top condition is the best way to ensure your property’s value stays on the climb, rather than down the drain!
When keeping out the winter chills, most people understand the need to blog drafts from under and around doors. However, have you considered that your windows could the source of cold air entering your house – causing you to pay additional amounts on your winter power bills. There are many different ways to insulate your